April 30, 2013

{Week 5}

Jack had a huge week.

First things first - he's a month old, and weighs 4lb 5oz.

They took him out of his isolette this week, and put him in a "big boy bed"! He even got a tub bath!

And, the best part of the week - they took him off CPap!! 

He's the cutest ever. 

And he's doing so well without CPap! When they put the nasal cannula in, he was getting 5.0 liters per minute of air, and now he's down to 2.0 LPM! And still doing so well. 

Today we even tried BF-ing him for the first time! And at first he wasn't really that interested, but then he loved it! I'm hoping tomorrow they'll turn him down to 1.0 LPM, and let us try an actual oral feed! Keep your fingers crossed!

I sneaked this picture of Carter leaving Jack to go to Grande Prairie for work for 2 weeks. And cried.

I just want to thank everyone who has offered prayers on our behalf, and sent clothes and packages and cards, or even just a text message. This is a really hard time for our little family, even though we have a healthy baby boy, and every happy message helps. So thank you. 


  1. Hooray for a big boy bed! You and your family continue to be in our prayers! We even refer to Jack as "Jack-attack"!

  2. YAY!! He's off CPAP. That is super exciting. Although I only did one year of Respiratory Therapy, I can remember that that is a big deal!! I can't believe how quickly he is growing. In no time he'll be at home with you and Carter!!

  3. Sounds like he's doing great! Wonderful news!


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