August 26, 2014

JACK & The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

I guess I'll tell the story of what happened today *sad face*. 

We had a meltdown - and I do mean we. Dad is working out of town, which I always hate, but it also happens to be his last week of work before school starts ($$$) and that's stressing me out a bit. Jack is getting teeth and possibly has an earache or something (I dunno cause he won't TALK!). 

It all started at lunch. He ate half a 6" from Subway yesterday and did so good with it, so I decided to save it for lunch today! First bite, all good. Second bite? He grimaced, which I know means he's going to spit it out. Nope. He chewed.. and chewed.. and chewed.. then took it out of his mouth and threw it at me. 

*Deep breath*. 

Try again. Nope. Same thing. Chew, chew, chew.. Throw it at mom. Once in awhile he would swallow, but probably 80% was spit out or thrown at me. Which is annoying because he knows better, and I know he knows better. Fine, you don't want your sandwich? Give me 30 seconds to quickly rethink your meal plan.. Goldfish crackers! You LOVE goldfish crackers. 1.. 2.. good, he's eating them. 3.. Nope. Chew, chew, chew.. You get the picture. OKAY FINE! I'll just spoon feed you yogurt. Is that nummy? Oh good! Oh no.. As soon as the spoon came out of his mouth he spit. I could've strangled him (but I didn't! Because I LOVE my toddler!). Instead, I let out a little yell of frustration. 

Then he cried. And cried. And cried. 

And I cried. And cried. And cried. 

He did eventually eat the whole container of yogurt, and was put to bed with a bottle of formula (that I keep on hand in case of emergencies. This qualified, believe me). 

He got up from his nap and I thought, I'll give him a treat! We'll go for a walk (and I'll let him actually walk) to the park and have a "snack-nic" (which translates roughly to a picnic of snack foods). So, I packed the bag, got the stroller ready (because no mom with a toddler would go anywhere without a backup plan), got his shoes strapped on, and off we went. We had 4 blocks to go. Did I think he would make it the whole way? No. Hence the stroller. Did I think it would be two houses before our first meltdown? 

I imagine his brain was in hyperdrive

"Hey Mom! I'm walking! Look at me wal-- WHAT is THAT?! Is that a PINECONE? I NEED TO EAT IT! Mmmmmmm nope. Gross. *toss* Okay okay, we're walking.. We're walking.. Hey! I want to push the stroller! Good mama for letting me push the stroll-- HOLY COW! That was a CAR! Mama, did you see that CAR? Where did it go? I need to see where it went. Just let me go out here on the road.. NOOOOOOOOOOOO MAMAMAMAMAMAMAM NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *cry cry cry cry cry cry* Maybe if I thrash around violently she'll be forced to put me down.. Oh, you're gonna put your face that close to mine in a desperate attempt to reason with me? NOPE! *headbutt* Breathe. Okay. I'll calm down. Fine. I'll push the stroller. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO HOLD YOUR HAND WHILE WE CROSS THE ROAD? HOW HUMILIATING. I'M GOING TO SCREAM AND THRASH AROUND AGAIN! DON'T YOU DARE TRY TO PUT ME IN THE STROLL-- Fine. I'll sit in the stroller. It's cooler in here anyway." 

You can imagine the rest of our afternoon.

5 - 
the number of times I buckled and unbuckled the stroller harness.
4 - 
the number of times I had to grab him from the road (he is FAST)
3 - 
the number of times I let him slide down the HUGE slide.
2 - 
the number of stranger's porch stairs he tried climbing.
1 - 
the number of times I'm going to attempt that trip to the park. 

{17 months}

It has been too too long and too far between posts updating all my many readers (wink wink, probably just me 30 years from now) on the most important aspect of my life.


He is 17 months old. How? Where did the time go? I have no idea. I do know that he will be 2 in 7 short months, and he is starting nursery next month (thank the gracious heavens, I can't handle anymore "hall church"). 

Mister Jack is almost/not quite 30" tall. We took him into nursery last week and he held his own, but is visibly shorter than all the kids. Hopefully he got some of his uncles' genes and isn't doomed to be short forever.

He weighs 25 lb (according to my handy dandy method of weighing myself [yikes], then picking him up and doing it again). 

June 30 - Max and Dad ran the 5K. We supported from afar.

These stats put him around the 85%ile for weight (averaged between adjusted and actual age) and between 3 and 15%ile for height (told you he was short!).

Matchy matchy! <3

He is totally mobile. Don't even think about carrying him or trying to strap him into a stroller or shopping cart. Put that kid's shoes on and let. him. run. 

Shoes are a lost cause.

And run he does.

What a little stinker.

Unless Bubble Guppies is on. Don't know what that is? Here, I'll enlighten you. Bubble Guppies is my lifesaver. I can put on Netflix and have a shower and he doesn't even realize I'm gone. We can drive in the car for 3, 4, 5 hours and time flies.

We went camping with Grandpa Martin "and crew". Messy ensued. 

Another favourite activity of Jack's is eating. He. Eats. Everything. And anything. He doesn't hesitate to try new foods, but also doesn't hesitate to spit them out. Promptly. He takes after his mama and doesn't like cheese (unless we hide it on his sandwich). 

He still sleeps like a dream, from 7 or 8pm until 7 or 8am. He also takes a nap from around 11 or 12 until 2 or 3. I love nap time.

Jack and Mammy

Jackers has 8 front teeth, 4 molars, and I suspect we'll have a canine or two in the next couple of weeks. 

Stirling Days, waiting for the parade!

He is still choosing to not speak, although occasionally "daw" (dog) slips out. "Mama" and "Dad" are constants. "Ba" (ball) also is occasional, although less so than "daw". Sometimes things are too exciting to keep in.

He LOVES reading. Books books books. All the time. But now he brings them to us to read. It's so sweet.

When we say "prayer" he instantly folds his arms. Even if I say "sit down" he thinks it's prayer time and gets all geared up. It's so sweet.

Snuggling with the sleepy uncles. I love this picture.

As much as he loves Mama and Dad and Grandma, no one trumps Uncle Max. Seriously. It's hilarious and adorable.

The 5 of us went camping in Great Falls and spent an afternoon at the waterpark!
He is such a sweet boy. The older he gets the harder it is to remember where he started, 2 lb 9 oz, 14", laying in an isolette.