February 29, 2012

this week.

this week we had to leave our week of honeymooning behind and get back to reality. carter started a new job - which he is absolutely loving - and i went back to school - which i am not loving. but a friend told me there's only 37 more days of it, which is absolutely fantastic news. so basically this is our day.

5:45 AM - carter's alarm goes off. he hits snooze.
5:55 AM - carter's alarm goes off. he crawls out of bed, fixes himself breakfast, gets dressed, kisses me goodbye, and leaves for work.
6:45 AM - my alarm goes off. i hit snooze.
6:55 AM - my alarm goes off. i crawl out of bed, run to the bathroom, fix my hair, put on mascara, get dressed, make sure i have my phone, wallet, keys, lunch, homework, and some breakfast.
7:30 AM - cylie picks me up for school. such a kind friend.
8:15 AM - school.
12:15 PM - lunch. i love lunch.
1:15 PM - school.
3:10 PM - school is over. i love this part even more than lunch.
3:45 PM - cylie drops me off at home. such a kind friend.
4:00 PM - i put together some sort of supper. in the last week since we got home we've had tacos, chicken parmigiana, roast and potatoes, shepherd's pie, meatloaf, chicken and rice. who said i wouldn't cook meals?
6:00 PM - carter does dishes while i suffer through homework.
7:00 PM - gym. cardio, weight training.
9:00 PM - hot tub/steam room to relax.
9:30 PM - home. treat. more homework. prison break. make lunches.
10:00 PM - bed. mm. bed. i love sleeping.

then we do it all over again.

married life is the best. i love never feeling alone and knowing that he'll be home any time! i love that he's here when i do homework and that i don't have to try to eat all the food i cook since he loves leftovers.

seriously, advice for anyone: get married.

February 24, 2012

Wedded Life.

Hello, Mrs. Nicole Peterson coming at ya!

Married life is the best. I love that he never has to leave my side. We've been together for 144 hours. Solid. I love it. :)

February 6, 2012


Here we are, only 11 days, 5 hours, and 55 (giver take a few) minutes from our wedding! And I guess this is just where we are in our preparations.

- Carter has officially moved all of his clothing to my house. Next weekend he is bringing his tv down, and that's about all that's left!
- We got our temple recommends! We are going through the temple on Saturday! We're both really excited!
- Carter got a joooooobbbb! This has been a huge issue. I've been stressed as it is, but then factor in that we were searching for a job and it was horrible. But today he got 3 job offers! Good ones, too! The Lord is in all things. :)
- Everything 'wedding' is done, ready, and prepared. WOO.