Bucket List!

I've heard of a few people posting bucket lists and I thought it was a great idea, since Carter and I are always talking about things we want to do, so this is a good way to record those dreams and wishes and ideas and mark them off!

- travel to New York
- travel to Florida
- travel to Australia
- travel to Hawaii [Nicole has been! x2!]
- go on a family vacation -- with Martins, with Petersons, with Elizabeth, and by ourselves
- travel to Europe (Paris, France; Rome, Italy; London, England; Scotland, Germany, etc.) [Nicole went to Germany]
- visit the Grand Canyon
- go on an African Safari
- drive across Canada

- go to a New York Yankees game
- go to a Broadway show - on Broadway
- go to Big Valley Jamboree every year (2012) (2013)

- own a fancy sports car
- own a Bose TV
- own our own house
- get out of debt (by age 40)

- become parents
- become dog parents
- be landlords
- teach my children how to play the piano [Nicole]

- become a police officer [Carter]
- join the K9 unit [Carter]
- learn sign language [Nicole]
- learn Spanish
- work from home [Nicole]

- go in a hot air balloon
- climb a mountain that requires an overnight camp [Carter]
- learn how to scuba dive
- swim with dolphins [Nicole]
- hug a koala bear
- see a kangaroo in the wild [Carter]

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