April 4, 2017

Happy April..

It's April again! Spring is right around the corner!

Carter is still at West Co Drilling, but we're not sure for how much longer (it's so touch and go at the moment, so we'd love for him to find something more steady).

Jack is still doing preschool and he's still obsessed with it. AND if you ask him, he's joining a "real baseball team". Mister Jack starts T-ball next month! Also, he's 4. Holy crapola.

Jeter is talking a lot more, so we don't have to worry about speech. Phew. He loves chasing after Jack and jumping on the trampoline.

I am still doing Show Choir. We're in the middle of spring show choreography right now, and I'm going with the choir to Vancouver for a week (April 17-21), which means I'm leaving the boys with a babysitter and probably Nana, since it's looking like Carter will be working out of town. I'm freaking nervous, but I know it'll all be fine!

Oh, also. Low key. I'm pregnant! Again! Baby #3 is due to arrive on October 2, but that basically means sometime in September. I just got into my second trimester. This pregnancy is already so much  more challenging than the other 2. I was diagnosed with antenatal depression, anxiety, and I had my first taste of morning sickness. I say taste because it only lasted for about 2 weeks, but those 2 weeks were awful! Jack is so excited to be a big brother again (he keeps asking why I ate a baby), and Jeter has no idea what's going on. He'll only be 2 when the baby is born, so I'm not sure how to approach the whole "big brother" thing.

Again, no pictures (I really need to figure out Blogger on my phone), but my Instagram is overflowing with pictures! petersonicole23 ;) Check meowt. 😻

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