April 4, 2017

Happy April..

It's April again! Spring is right around the corner!

Carter is still at West Co Drilling, but we're not sure for how much longer (it's so touch and go at the moment, so we'd love for him to find something more steady).

Jack is still doing preschool and he's still obsessed with it. AND if you ask him, he's joining a "real baseball team". Mister Jack starts T-ball next month! Also, he's 4. Holy crapola.

Jeter is talking a lot more, so we don't have to worry about speech. Phew. He loves chasing after Jack and jumping on the trampoline.

I am still doing Show Choir. We're in the middle of spring show choreography right now, and I'm going with the choir to Vancouver for a week (April 17-21), which means I'm leaving the boys with a babysitter and probably Nana, since it's looking like Carter will be working out of town. I'm freaking nervous, but I know it'll all be fine!

Oh, also. Low key. I'm pregnant! Again! Baby #3 is due to arrive on October 2, but that basically means sometime in September. I just got into my second trimester. This pregnancy is already so much  more challenging than the other 2. I was diagnosed with antenatal depression, anxiety, and I had my first taste of morning sickness. I say taste because it only lasted for about 2 weeks, but those 2 weeks were awful! Jack is so excited to be a big brother again (he keeps asking why I ate a baby), and Jeter has no idea what's going on. He'll only be 2 when the baby is born, so I'm not sure how to approach the whole "big brother" thing.

Again, no pictures (I really need to figure out Blogger on my phone), but my Instagram is overflowing with pictures! petersonicole23 ;) Check meowt. 😻

December 4, 2016


Oh, hey, Blogger.
It's been a loooooong time. Like probably a year. But before that it was sketchy at best.
Quick update from the Peterson family.

CARTER is working for West Co Drilling. He is operating a drilling rig, which is cool. But the company has been pretty slow and they actually let off everyone except Carter and one other driller, so we're glad he's still working! He's in St. Albert at the present time, being subcontracted by Midwest Caissons (who he worked for in Edmonton!). It's a lot of work, which is good, but we HATE him being away. One week down, probably two more weeks to go. He also started hunting this season, and got his first whitetail doe! We're getting ready to eat deer all winter. Eek.

NICOLE is kicking around. I'm one of the Show Choir leaders now, teaching the tenors the music. For the Christmas show I also did props and backstage, so I was away from home a LOT. Hopefully the spring show goes a little bit smoother now that we know what to expect. Rylee has been amazing, watching the boys on Friday afternoons while I'm teaching, and she also came every day after school during choreography so I could do warm ups and prep the props for the day. 

JACK is in preschool! And he LOVES it! He takes the bus on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30-10:30. His speech is flourishing, and I don't use that word lightly. He still struggles with hard K sounds in the middle or beginning of words (he can say Jack and back really well, but cat and tractor are tough), L sounds, and hard G sounds. But he gets help during preschool and we go to speech with a speech pathologist assistant every Tuesday. We're also doing Parent Preschool at the Parent Link Centre, and he loves Mary Rose and the other helpers. He sings the circle time songs all day. Actually, he sings all songs all day. His favourites to belt out in the car are Elsa and Anna (Let It Go, Love is an Open Door, In Summer), 5 Little Monkeys, and Do Your Ears Hang Low. 

Judging from my previous posts, you may not even be aware that I do have a second child. JETER is 15 months old!! I don't know where the time has gone. He's walking and jumping and wants to run, but his chubby legs don't want to go that fast. He says daddy, mama, baba, bath, bear, ball, water, and signs please, more, and all done. He's a very enthusiastic signer. He loves stuffed animals of every shape and size, especially his "pengoo", of which he has several different ones. 

Both boys love Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse, reading stories, and Christmas lights. We're getting excited for Christmas! Freddy, our Elf on a Shelf, has been making his visit and Jack loves finding him every morning. 

Hopefully I can get back into blogging, but no pictures today as I'm on my mom's laptop. If you're looking for a photo fix, check out my Instagram (petersonicole23), as it's loaded. 

Peace and love, blogger folk.

October 19, 2015

{jeter mitchell} - birth to 8 weeks

I'm a majorrrrr slacker. But hey, I'm also a mom to two kids! (Ahhhhh..)

So assuming you read my previous post, you know that Jeter was born via planned c-section, which means there isn't really much of a birth story to tell. My doctor was (for lack of a better word) a smart ass during the surgery, making comments like, "Oh, I need to make the incision bigger; his head is too big! I don't think I'll be able to get him out, good thing you decided on a section! He's here, and he's big! I don't think I can lift him up to show you!" But, if you know Dr. Malach you know it's all in good fun. I can't wait to go back for my 6 weeks check up lol.

Jeter Mitchell Peterson was born on August 21, 2015, at 9:43 am. He weighed 10 lb 4 oz and was 21" long.

While I was in recovery, Carter followed Jeter to the NICU (where they take all the c-section babies while mom is in recovery). The doctor on call was concerned about his low O2 sats (they want them between 95-99%, Jeter's were in the 60% range), so they put him on CPap and in an isolette with an umbilical line to start giving him nutrients. When Carter came to pass on that news, I was DEVASTATED. This was such a perfect pregnancy! He was full term! 37 weeks! He was supposed to be big and healthy and perfect and come home with me. Now he was in the NICU. It was exactly what wasn't supposed to happen. In fact, I didn't even take pictures of him on CPap because I was so upset.

LUCKILY, he was only on oxygen for about 12 hours. His lungs needed a bit of a kick start. The rest of week 1 was still spent in the NICU because they needed to ensure he would take full feeds without any issues. He came home at 6 days old, much preferred to the 70 days we waited with Jack. 

Jeter is a great baby. From the time he came home he's been sleeping 4-5 hour stretches. He breastfeeds super easily, and we haven't had any major issues with that at all. At 6 weeks old he weighed around 13 lb, and he's already in size 2 diapers and size 3-6 month clothes. 

Jack loves his baby brother. There was a little bit of jealousy and resentment toward me (he wouldn't let me cuddle him or put him to bed for about 3 weeks), but we've moved way beyond that. He loves holding Jeter and regularly asks me if he can. Luckily Jeter is a thick kid and can handle a little crushing ;)

The first couple of weeks with two kids was hard. I wanted to play with Jack, but I never wanted to put Jeter down. Now we've established a routine (that involves a lot of Octonauts and Mickey Mouse) it's going much better.. if only I could find time for showers lol. As hard as it is, we love Jeter and can't wait to watch him and Jack grow and bond!

August 20, 2015

37 weeks - full term!

Things no one tells you about being this pregnant:
Your body becomes everyone's business. 
If I wasn't pregnant would anyone even consider asking me why I'm so huge?
Or rub my belly?
Would complete strangers in the Walmart line up try to convince me that I'm wrong and they know my body better than I do?
I am 37 weeks pregnant. With one baby.
Go ahead, try to tell me, "Nope, that's definitely twins."
Because nope, it's definitely not. All 17 ultrasounds saw one baby. 
And I trust them a lot more than I trust you, random stranger wearing a Ninja Turtles t-shirt.
It's actually not that terrible.
Tonight I was walking through the playground with Carter and Jack and I could see everyone's pitying eyes on me.
And I kept thinking, why?
I'm just pregnant, not crippled.
But then I realized that I am not just pregnant, but I am hugely pregnant.
I expected carrying to term to be a lot more uncomfortable, awkward, and slow.
Not that it isn't uncomfortable, awkward, and slow..
I just expected it to be worse.
Wanna know why?
Because of the pitying looks pregnant women get!
I trusted random strangers looking at other random strangers more than I did my own body.
My hips hurt, my pelvis aches, and I long to carry my toddler without getting heartburn.
But I did it! I'm DOING it! I made a real live human!
And it was a hell of a lot easier than I anticipated.
Summer is brutal.
That's pretty self explanatory.
Next time around we will be avoiding the months of September-December for baby making.
No way, no how.
Nothing fits.
My belly hangs out of everything.
Except for maxi dresses. But my boobs hang out of those.
Even my mens XXL t shirts are waaaaaaay too tight.
It's emotional.
In less than 12 hours I am going to have a new baby.
Which  means that my "old" baby is no longer the baby.
I came to that realization as I rocked my current baby to sleep.
And cried and cried and cried.
For two and a half years it's just been me and Jack.
And I'm about to throw a wrench in his perfectly posh lifestyle.
And mine!
And I don't know how it's going to go.
So I cry.

There you have it.
Without further adieu,
37 weeks pregnancy update.

What Fruit are you? Supposed to be a honeydew melon, but we're like 5 weeks ahead, so probably the size of a couple watermelons ;)
Due date: September 8, but we are having a scheduled C-section tomorrow - August 21!
How far along: 37+2 weeks right now.
Next appointment: C-section, tomorrow morning!!
Gender: BOY!!!
Total weight gain/loss: +30ish lb.
Exercise: Walking as much as these old hips will allow, and bouncing on an exercise ball haha
Stretch marks: Just old ones spreading.
Swelling: My feet are always always swollen.
Maternity clothes: Nothing but. Even maternity don't fit.
Belly button: Out, and visible.
Sleep: I slept all night last night! Hoping I can do it again before sleep becomes a thing of the past.
Food cravings: Mint Aero bars.
Symptoms: Everything.
Movement: Constantly.
Labor signs: Loooooooooots of contractions, but nothing meaningful.
What I miss: Not having heartburn.
What I'm loving: Constantly reminding Jack that he's going to be a big brother!
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting this little man tomorrow!!
Best moment this week: Scheduling baby's arrival!

July 30, 2015

34 and a bit.

What Fruit are you? Cantaloupe! mmm.. Approximately 18" long, and 4 lb 5 oz (except in our case, he's about 6 lb 5 oz!).
Due date: September 8, but set to be induced on September 1! (32 days!)
How far along: 34+2 weeks!
Next appointment: Biophysical profile and nonstress tests scheduled for Tuesday.
Gender: BOY!!!
Total weight gain/loss: +24 lb.
Exercise: I think chasing Jack through a parking lot counts, especially when he does it every other day.
Stretch marks: Same old, couple new ones.
Swelling: Only when it's real hot.
Maternity clothes: Yessir, except non-maternity bottoms are still more comfortable, and most of my maternity tops are too short.
Belly button: Out, and visible.
Sleep: We have our days, good and bad. I can't even use the Snoogle anymore because my back gets so sore :(
Food cravings: White chocolate, donairs, bacon, fries.
Symptoms: All of them.
Movement: Constantly.
Labor signs: N/A
What I miss: Laying on my belly.
What I'm loving: Carter being home, counting down!
What I'm looking forward to: Always Tuesdays, so I can see little squish. And Lady Antebellum on Saturday! AND it's a long weekend!
Best moment this week: Telling Jack he has to walk softly when babies are on the floor (at Stay and Play this morning), and watching him tiptoe around them. Adorable. Also getting our maternity/family pictures back from the amazingly talented Cheyenne!
Blood sugars?: Meh. I haven't had my A1C done since the beginning of July. But I'm super snacky, which makes my sugars look terrible even though they're really not.

July 13, 2015

(almost) 32 weeks!

What Fruit are you? "Winter squash" (looks like a pumpkin to me!). He is supposed to weigh between 2.5-3.8 lb and be 15-17 inches long, but since he's actually ahead by 3-4 weeks he weighs closed to 5.5 lb and is around 17 inches long.
Due date: September 8
How far along: 31+6, 32 weeks tomorrow.
Next appointment: Tomorrow I have my biophysical profile, nonstress test, and OB appointment. Sigh.
Gender: BOY!!!
Total weight gain/loss: +17 lb.
Exercise: Nothing that a non-preggo would refer to as exercise, since I'm currently counting getting out of bed as a full blown workout.
Stretch marks: Same old, couple new ones.
Swelling: Just occasionally from the heat. It hasn't been too bad!
Maternity clothes: Always, except I finally managed to get some comfy shorts that aren't maternity so they don't have the belly panel, because that just makes me sweat nasty.
Belly button: Outie! Depending on the shirt I'm wearing you can totally see it poking out.
Sleep: Hasn't been bad. I need my Snoogle at all times, and most mornings I wake up feeling like my hips are bruised. Besides that I wake up 1-2 times to go pee, but fall right back to sleep!
Food cravings: Not a whole lot, just fries and tzatziki. My fave.
Symptoms: Lots of pulling and stretching and ouchie muscles. Lightening crotch, turns out, is a real thing. Peeing all the time. My boobs hurt. 
Movement: Aaaaaaall the time. But it isn't kicks anymore as much as it is rolling around and little punches.
Labor signs: N/A
What I miss: Walking without aching, picking things up off the floor without going into a sumo squat, sleeping through the night without peeing.
What I'm loving: Being this pregnant! Everything feels so foreign and new. And I *think* Jack kind of knows what's going on, as this morning he brought me a new baby blanket and pointed at my belly. Fingers crossed lol.
What I'm looking forward to: Carter coming home, and having this baby in less than 8 weeks!
Best moment this week: It's just Monday, so I dunno lol. But I LOVE seeing baby boy's cheeks every week at the ultrasound.
Blood sugars?: My A1C last month was a bit higher - 6.0 instead of 5.7, but I've increased a ton of insulin (blah) and I think this month's A1C will be better. I hope.

June 3, 2015

26 weeks!

Oh, hey there. Thanks for stopping by. I'm still alive.

What Fruit are you? Papaya! Babe weighs between 1.4-2.2 lb, and is 13-15" long.
Due date: September 8
How far along: 26+1 weeks!
Next appointment: OB tomorrow morning, then starting June 16 I have WEEKLY ultrasounds. Ugh.
Gender: BOY!!!
Total weight gain/loss: +5 (at my last appointment).
Exercise: Walking, chasing Jack. Typical.
Stretch marks: Same old buggers that are left from last time, but they're starting to sprout!
Swelling: Not yet..
Maternity clothes: Nothing but.
Belly button: Flat.
Sleep: As long as I have my Snoogle, the windows are all open, the fan is going, and the black out blinds are drawn I can sleep great!
Food cravings: Carbs.
Symptoms: LOTS of soreness. I'm having issues with my SI joints, my pubic symphysis, and RLP.
Movement: All the time.
Labor signs:
What I miss: Being able to bend down.
What I'm loving: Everything. I'm enjoying this pregnancy a lot more than I did the last one, even with a toddler, I think because of how quickly that pregnancy ended.
What I'm looking forward to: Getting our AC turned on.
Best moment this week: Seeing baby boy this morning!
Blood sugars?: Pretty good, though I'll admit I've let them slip.. I got my A1C drawn this morning so I'll get the result tomorrow.

He's got his daddy's nose!

April 23, 2015

20 weeks update!

Big fat whale-ish update.

What Fruit are you? Mango. Mmm, mangoes.
Due date: September 8
How far along: 20 weeks!
Next appointment: Fetal echocardiogram on May 12, OB on May 14!
Gender: BOY!!!
Total weight gain/loss: +7 lb this month, but I'm still down 3 lb since I got the positive!
Exercise: Walking, chasing Jack
Stretch marks: Can't tell if there's any new ones mixed in with the old ones.
Swelling: Not yet.
Maternity clothes: I need more.
Belly button: In, but it's getting close.
Sleep: I can finally go without a nap and still feel human, but I'm usually in bed by 9.
Food cravings: Uh, mango. And Calypso lime/lemonades. They are to DIE for.
Symptoms: Really just the belly growing.
Movement: Lots and lots of movement. This is an active boy for sure.
Labor signs:
What I miss: Carter! :(
What I'm loving: Jack loving on the belly.
What I'm looking forward to: Pedicure on Saturday. Heavenly days.
Best moment this week: Feeling baby boy kick from the outside. So cool.
Blood sugars?: Great! My A1C is down again to 5.7!

March 31, 2015

Baby 2.0 [17 weeks]

Here we are again!

What Fruit are you? Navel orange!
Due date: September 8. They tried changing it, but I said no ;)
How far along: 17 weeks!
Next appointment: Ultrasound on April 22, OB appointment the next morning.
Gender: Dunno.
Total weight gain/loss: -10 lb. Sweet.
Exercise: Walking, which is more like resistance training against the wind.
Stretch marks: Can't tell if there's any new ones mixed in with the old ones.
Swelling: Nope.
Maternity clothes: Always.
Belly button: In.
Sleep: I need more of it.
Food cravings: Nothing too serious. Once in awhile all I want is a donair, or french fries, or strawberries.
Symptoms: The ever growing belly is basically a dead giveaway.
Movement: Just flutters a couple times. I can't wait to feel kicks!
Labor signs:
What I miss: Not being tired all the time.
What I'm loving: Sleeping.
What I'm looking forward to: Ultrasound!! And a long weekend.
Best moment this week: Jackers turned 2! Crazy.
Blood sugars?: Pretty good. I think the diabetic clinic is going to fire me because I haven't emailed them in two weeks. Whooops.

Until next month. ;)