July 30, 2015

34 and a bit.

What Fruit are you? Cantaloupe! mmm.. Approximately 18" long, and 4 lb 5 oz (except in our case, he's about 6 lb 5 oz!).
Due date: September 8, but set to be induced on September 1! (32 days!)
How far along: 34+2 weeks!
Next appointment: Biophysical profile and nonstress tests scheduled for Tuesday.
Gender: BOY!!!
Total weight gain/loss: +24 lb.
Exercise: I think chasing Jack through a parking lot counts, especially when he does it every other day.
Stretch marks: Same old, couple new ones.
Swelling: Only when it's real hot.
Maternity clothes: Yessir, except non-maternity bottoms are still more comfortable, and most of my maternity tops are too short.
Belly button: Out, and visible.
Sleep: We have our days, good and bad. I can't even use the Snoogle anymore because my back gets so sore :(
Food cravings: White chocolate, donairs, bacon, fries.
Symptoms: All of them.
Movement: Constantly.
Labor signs: N/A
What I miss: Laying on my belly.
What I'm loving: Carter being home, counting down!
What I'm looking forward to: Always Tuesdays, so I can see little squish. And Lady Antebellum on Saturday! AND it's a long weekend!
Best moment this week: Telling Jack he has to walk softly when babies are on the floor (at Stay and Play this morning), and watching him tiptoe around them. Adorable. Also getting our maternity/family pictures back from the amazingly talented Cheyenne!
Blood sugars?: Meh. I haven't had my A1C done since the beginning of July. But I'm super snacky, which makes my sugars look terrible even though they're really not.

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