July 13, 2015

(almost) 32 weeks!

What Fruit are you? "Winter squash" (looks like a pumpkin to me!). He is supposed to weigh between 2.5-3.8 lb and be 15-17 inches long, but since he's actually ahead by 3-4 weeks he weighs closed to 5.5 lb and is around 17 inches long.
Due date: September 8
How far along: 31+6, 32 weeks tomorrow.
Next appointment: Tomorrow I have my biophysical profile, nonstress test, and OB appointment. Sigh.
Gender: BOY!!!
Total weight gain/loss: +17 lb.
Exercise: Nothing that a non-preggo would refer to as exercise, since I'm currently counting getting out of bed as a full blown workout.
Stretch marks: Same old, couple new ones.
Swelling: Just occasionally from the heat. It hasn't been too bad!
Maternity clothes: Always, except I finally managed to get some comfy shorts that aren't maternity so they don't have the belly panel, because that just makes me sweat nasty.
Belly button: Outie! Depending on the shirt I'm wearing you can totally see it poking out.
Sleep: Hasn't been bad. I need my Snoogle at all times, and most mornings I wake up feeling like my hips are bruised. Besides that I wake up 1-2 times to go pee, but fall right back to sleep!
Food cravings: Not a whole lot, just fries and tzatziki. My fave.
Symptoms: Lots of pulling and stretching and ouchie muscles. Lightening crotch, turns out, is a real thing. Peeing all the time. My boobs hurt. 
Movement: Aaaaaaall the time. But it isn't kicks anymore as much as it is rolling around and little punches.
Labor signs: N/A
What I miss: Walking without aching, picking things up off the floor without going into a sumo squat, sleeping through the night without peeing.
What I'm loving: Being this pregnant! Everything feels so foreign and new. And I *think* Jack kind of knows what's going on, as this morning he brought me a new baby blanket and pointed at my belly. Fingers crossed lol.
What I'm looking forward to: Carter coming home, and having this baby in less than 8 weeks!
Best moment this week: It's just Monday, so I dunno lol. But I LOVE seeing baby boy's cheeks every week at the ultrasound.
Blood sugars?: My A1C last month was a bit higher - 6.0 instead of 5.7, but I've increased a ton of insulin (blah) and I think this month's A1C will be better. I hope.

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