June 3, 2015

26 weeks!

Oh, hey there. Thanks for stopping by. I'm still alive.

What Fruit are you? Papaya! Babe weighs between 1.4-2.2 lb, and is 13-15" long.
Due date: September 8
How far along: 26+1 weeks!
Next appointment: OB tomorrow morning, then starting June 16 I have WEEKLY ultrasounds. Ugh.
Gender: BOY!!!
Total weight gain/loss: +5 (at my last appointment).
Exercise: Walking, chasing Jack. Typical.
Stretch marks: Same old buggers that are left from last time, but they're starting to sprout!
Swelling: Not yet..
Maternity clothes: Nothing but.
Belly button: Flat.
Sleep: As long as I have my Snoogle, the windows are all open, the fan is going, and the black out blinds are drawn I can sleep great!
Food cravings: Carbs.
Symptoms: LOTS of soreness. I'm having issues with my SI joints, my pubic symphysis, and RLP.
Movement: All the time.
Labor signs:
What I miss: Being able to bend down.
What I'm loving: Everything. I'm enjoying this pregnancy a lot more than I did the last one, even with a toddler, I think because of how quickly that pregnancy ended.
What I'm looking forward to: Getting our AC turned on.
Best moment this week: Seeing baby boy this morning!
Blood sugars?: Pretty good, though I'll admit I've let them slip.. I got my A1C drawn this morning so I'll get the result tomorrow.

He's got his daddy's nose!

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