December 17, 2014

Stuck in a rut.

I'm stuck in a mom rut. 

Every day feels so monotonous and boring: drag my butt out of bed, throw on a bra, and get Jack out of bed. Change his diaper. Breakfast. Clean up breakfast. Put on Bubble Guppies (thankfully we have 53 episodes PVR'd so I'm not stuck with season 1 on Netflix!), make myself presentable(ish). Sometimes we run downtown, just to get out of the house; sometimes we just lounge. Ryder comes at 11:30. Lunch, clean up lunch, change Jack's diaper, nap time. Find something for myself for lunch. Playtime (which can be anything from playdoh to crafts or board/card games). Snack time. Get Jack out of bed, change his diaper. More playtime (or movie time). Meltdowns. Clean up before Ryder gets picked up. Start supper. Eat supper. Clean up supper. Get Jack ready for bed. 

I'm starting to become very resentful of anyone who gets to leave the house (ahem, Carter). Even on the rare occasion I do get out with no kid(s), I feel a pulling responsibility to be at home. Then I look at Carter who spent 8 hours with his buddies today, is going on a 3 day trip with the young men, immediately followed by a week in Mexico with his brother, and I am so insanely jealous. Not even that he's going to Mexico for free, even though I am, but because if someone offered me a free trip to Mexico I don't think I would accept it. I wouldn't be able to leave without feeling guilty. 

Moms, help me out. How do I get unstuck?

December 12, 2014

{20 months} and everything in between.


it's been a minute since i posted.

more like two months. and before that it was two months too.

i don't have any valid excuses.

so, as a catch up post, here is jack at 20 (technically 20 and a half, or 18 adjusted) months.

he weighs 25 lb and is ~32" tall. 

and before you ask: no, he doesn't talk. but he has words

if he feels like it he will say: shoe, sock, snack, kitty, dog, dad, ball, moo, guppies, and okay. he signs please, thank you, and more.

he still loves balls. and cars. and playing mom's piano. 

he started going to nursery and it has been "meh" at best. i teach sunbeams, so carter drops him off. i guess he cries for like 10 minutes, then mostly plays with spurts of crying on the leader's lap. he does the lesson (he LOVES folding his arm for prayers) and snack well, then cries when the first kid gets picked up.

he loves playing outside and hates getting his diaper changed.

he loves his shoes and bubble guppies. 

he likes tolerates the 5 year old i babysit, but strongly dislikes when i have toddlers or (gasp!) babies here. [to you mamas with more than 1, how do you introduce babies to toddlers? i dread the day we have one of our own...]

his last two (eye/canine/fang) teeth have just started descending, which means he hasn't been sleeping/napping/eating/playing/doing anything well or happily. hopefully they come in quickly because i am DONE with teething (until his two year old molars make an appearance. sigh)

^ i couldn't pick a favourite of the above photo shoot, so these three all made the cut. he is so feisty (which is what the nurses in the NICU always called him!) and he knows exactly what he wants. i can't wait to see how excited he gets at christmas! yay!