April 1, 2013

{Week 1}

Jack is doing wonderfully. He has surpassed his birth weight of 1162 g and now weighs 1170 g (he's been steadily gaining 20 g a day). They have his feeds up to 9 mL every 2 hours, and that goes up by 1 mL every 12 hours, which means he'll be receiving full feeds (15 mL) on Thursday. This is super exciting because then he gets a bunch of lines and tubes removed and we'll be back to an almost tubeless baby. He had some problems with his breathing this week, so they had to put a rate on his CPap machine, which basically means that 20 times a minute he was receiving an extra push of pressure. But he responded so well to that that they decreased the rate to 10 times a minute, and today they're going to try him just back on the normal CPap (fingers crossed!). He's having some problems with his belly too: he's swallowing too much air. Which means the rate makes that even worse. They've done a couple chest x-rays and done a whole bunch of blood work though, and say everything looks normal. Thank goodness.

He is still as perfect as ever - my only complaint is that he got his dad's deformed toes. :( haha we've been trying to figure out what color his eyes are - either a really dark blue, or brown. I still say brown. But he doesn't open them long enough to get a good look.

He loves kangaroo care. His favorite part of that with dad is running his fingers through dad's chest hair haha. I can't wait for him to learn how to get a grasp on it and tug. :P

He met my dad and brothers this week - he's going to fit right in with the Martins with his long limbs.

Dad and I got to change his diaper this week too, which was a new experience for dad altogether, and weird for me because we have to do it inside his intubator and the diaper is SOOO tiny, but we still have to almost fold it in half!

Motherhood is full out exhausting. And I don't even have him at home yet! I've been pumping every 3-ish hours, which means waking up 3 times a night. That's the hardest part because I know that I should be waking to a baby crying, but instead its my alarm. Emotionally I'm a disaster too. Carter and I snuck into Sacrament Meeting yesterday, but someone's new baby starting crying -- and so did I. Full on hysterics. So we left and went and cuddled my baby some more.

That is quite enough of me typing -- time to go hold my son! :)

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