April 7, 2013

{Week 2}

Jack is growing growing growing! He weighs 1280 g, which is equivalent to 2 lb 13 oz. He even surpassed his full feeds, and is getting 16 mL every 2 hours. He got his main line taken out, so now he only has his O2 sensor, heart rate, and respiration lines. He was transferred from the level 3 NICU to the level 2 {details on levels can be found here}, which was fantastic. He even went off CPAP and was on a high flow therapy machine, but the respiratory therapist decided he was working too hard because of all his decreases in oxygen levels, so he's back on the CPAP for now. He's still getting a lot of air in his belly, but it's better than it was. Today he was also really constipated, so he's really uncomfortable. It breaks my heart. :( I couldn't even cuddle him this afternoon because he wouldn't settle -- it was a lot worse for mama than it was for baby.

We were also privileged to work with The Ayla Project this week as well! This is an awesome foundation that goes into the NICU (with the permission of the hospital) and takes pictures of the babe free of charge! Because every baby deserves newborn pictures! Heather was awesome to work with, and so patient with all the alarms and nurses, and Jack's puke (x3).

We decided his eyes are brown. And his hair is blonde. He got his dad's eye color and nose and toes and hair, and his mom's lips. His ears are huge though, so we're trying to decide where those came from.

Good news from the mom front -- my swelling has finally gone down. The only issue is my cankles, but even those are significantly smaller than they were! Yay! But I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans.. Ouch. Time to go shopping! And I had a bath. Which is like my favorite past time ever, but I couldn't before now because of the C-section. Speaking of baths, I might take another one. Mmmmm.

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