October 17, 2012


> sleep is a thing of the past. i am having some serious issues falling/staying asleep. terrible.
> i'm being such a good housewife when i'm not working. gone are the days of 4 standard meals, here are the days of experimenting. this week we had stew and biscuits, chili and potatoes, ranch chicken and rice, and tomorrow is chicken fettuccine alfredo. mmm.
> i've started being so crafty! i love pinterest and michael's. watch for posts coming soon - i have to wait to post them because most of my crafts are gifts!
> i have stopped drinking diet coke. cold turkey. i know, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal.. but it's the equivalent of lisa and heather stopping dr. pepper. i've had some terrible headaches lately, but it's been 4 days since my last diet coke! yay me!
> i'm literally hungry all the time.
> i am not ready for winter.
> we bought a car! 2006 dodge charger. she is a beauty. carter gets to drive her to work, but sometimes i say 'hey, take the lumina and let me drive the beaut!' and he goes 'fine'. such a good husband.
> speaking of, he likes sleeping on 2/3rds of our bed. stinker.
> k bye.

We got family pictures done Thanksgiving weekend - this is a sneak peek.

Sometimes we try on Hallow's Eve costumes at Walmart.

Our baby!

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