October 17, 2012

3 AM Crafting Session.

alright. so i can't sleep. so i'm bored. like really bored. and i had this crafty thought come over me whilst i was tossing and turning next to my log of a husband.

we received this print from a couple in our stake for our wedding. and i love it, i really do. but we received so many prints for our wedding that this was one of the many that was tucked away, hidden.

i don't mean any offense to the couple that gave it to us. don't worry, i kept the print itself, tucked behind my new craft.

i've been dying to make a board like this since like i very first got pinterest. and when is a better time to do it than 3 am!?

basically i just took out the original print and inserted a piece of scrapbook paper that i had written 'i love u because..'. i decided to freehand the saying because a) my cricut is loud, and b) i thought it would be more personal that way? idk. i really like how it turned out, actually.

then i wrote on it with a dry-erase marker (which i happen to have a ton of because of a little whiteboard calendar i have hanging on our fridge) and i hung it up in the kitchen, where i know we'll both see it every day. i also want to put nails or hooks on the bottom for keys. but i can't find our hammer.

now i'm even more bored than i was 2 hours ago because the rest of my crafty ideas have to wait until normal hours when other people are awake. shame.

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