October 23, 2012

m's birthday!

**note - i meant to post this like.. last thursday. oops.**

tomorrow (since i'm blogging this at 2:53 wednesday morning) is meghan's birthday! you may remember the name from this or this post. i have been thinking long and hard about what to get her, but what do you get the girl who has everything? i came across the idea of ''string art'' on pinterest (of course, there's a common theme here!), and was DYING to try it. but i wanted to start small. so off to michael's i went to find cork and nails. i ended up using thumbtacks, and i already had the embroidery string. i found the font i liked, and printed out an 'm' (for meghan, obviously). i cut out the 'm', taped it onto the cork board, outlined it with tacks, took off the paper, and began stringing! i didn't want to do it all in one color, so i chose 3 random colors and just sort of went crazy! i wasn't sure if i liked it at first, but i decided that i really really do. i hope she does too!

it honestly probably took me an hour, but that's because i was also eating and watching ellen. now that i've done one successfully, i need to do another one! a bigger one! i am the craft queen!

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