October 29, 2012


we went to raymond this weekend for possibly the shortest visit ever. we left edmonton friday night at 7 and arrived in raymond at 1230. saturday i spent the day with my mom and carter hung out with his dad, sisters, and mom. sunday we went to the temple dedication, ate lunch with my mom, then said bye to everyone. we left raymond at 3 sunday afternoon and got home at 830 sunday night. *le sigh*. we're tired, but we had a good time visiting our families.

and, of course, since i've turned into the craft master.. what would be a weekend without a new craft?

super saturday with lisa! it's so cute. and so fun.

and today i hung out with meghan, blew a breaker in our little living room, and now i'm more than ready for a nap. ughhh.

but no time for that -- the 'what's for dinner' board says it's time for breakfast for dinner! yum!

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