July 11, 2012

A Lonely Post.

I try to keep sad things like this off my blog.. But I just need to get it out.

Carter and I have been together for over two years. And I'm going to say that for about half of that time we've been apart.

When we had been together for 4 months he joined the Canadian Military Reserves, so that's where it began with weekends apart. Big deal, right? It was really hard for me, actually. I worked all week and wanted weekends with my boyfriend, but I couldn't have that because he was doing what he loved. So I supported it. And nine months after he joined it he took a leave of absence. So we went back to being together every day.

After we'd been together for just over a year, I moved to Edmonton and he moved to Slave Lake, so we only had weekends together. I was in school and he was working, so he drove 3 hours to and from Edmonton every weekend just to see me for 3 days. And that sucked. But it was good for my school, he wasn't around to distract me.

He moved in with me after our wedding in February, and we have spent every. single. night together since then -- almost 5 months! And now he's working in Fort McMurray for a couple of months. Which means that we'll only see each other every 10 days.. And that's really sad for me.

But I can't help that we're just being prepared for when he goes into RCMP training. In Regina. For 6 months.


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  1. Nicole,
    I definitely know what you're going through, but this is the time you lean on your family and friends for strength and support. Find things to keep your mind occupied, and time will pass quickly :)


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