February 21, 2015

Pregnant and in love

back to the grind.


i can't promise to be back to anything. but i do want to make an effort to blog this pregnancy.

wait, what?

this girl is pregnant. again. if you weren't around the first time, i hate being pregnant. it's exhausting and a lot of hard work and it's even worse when you have a toddler who can't go to most of your appointments with you.

but, here i am.

first, a quicky update on the jackman. still no talking, but i'm over it. he has speech again this week, but he makes so much noise that i'd prefer if he just never talked ;) i can't wait to hear what he has to say about everything, but i can at the same time. he's still 25 lb, but he's grown to 34" tall. every one that sees him comments on how tall he's getting - it's about time. he still loves the bubble guppies and playing with balls, but he's found a new love in climbing stairs and hot wheels cars.

finally - photo proof that he does look like me (sorry kid)

next, hubster and i celebrated our third (!!!!) anniversary this past week, so i thought i'd throw together a little collage of the last 4 february 18ths.

somethings never change, including how much i love this man.

finally - the exciting part. prego facts.

What Fruit are you? brb, have to google it.. ok, baby is the size of a fig. (what the heck is a fig?)
Due date:  september 8, but i will be induced by august 24 (i'd be happy to make it to the middle of july!)
How far along:  11 weeks and 4 days
Next appointment:  february 26
Gender:  unknown
Total weight gain/loss:  i've lost 8 lb since i got the positive! i assume it's because i stopped drinking diet coke..
Exercise: chasing a toddler through the snow and up and down the stairs.
Stretch marks: left over from the first one.
Swelling: nada. but i did have to replace my real wedding ring with a fake one from old navy.
Maternity clothes:  mostly maternity tops. this belly was not hiding from anyone.
Belly button:  no change
Sleep: i could sleep 15 hours a night and still take a 5 hour nap during the day. however, toddlers don't allow that so i'm making due.
Food cravings:  not a lot of anything. last night i needed pizza from burger baron though, so we made it happen.
Symptoms: exhaustion, my boobs hurt, and i can hardly control my bladder.  
Movement:  i'm fairly certain i've felt little bean jumping around a couple of times!
Labor signs: de nada.
What I miss:  diet coke. but not really.
What I'm loving:  sleep.
What I'm looking forward to:  finding out the gender!!
Best moment this week: carter was home - naps.
Blood sugars?: have been most excellent! 

there you have it. baby bean 2.0 is developing inside my womb. woot!

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