March 31, 2015

Jack is TWO!

I can't believe it. Where has the time gone?

Jack is now two years old. He weighs a little over 25 lb (it's been a hot second since we weighed him). He's about 34" tall. He wears size 24 month pants (2T are way too long), and he's quickly going to be in size 3T pants. His feet are about size 6, but I think those shoes are going to be outgrown by the time summer gets here. 

He's getting his two year old molars (yuck). He sleeps from 7:30-8pm until 7:30-8:30am. Plus he still naps from 12 or 1 until 4 or 5. He still isn't talking, but we're working on it (he said "moo" the day before his birthday!).

Jack LOVES balls. Like. Loves. And building towers. And racing cars. He's all boy. He loves playing outside, going for walks, puppies, kitties, Bubble Guppies, and reading.

His favourite foods are mashed potatoes, Cheerios, Fruit-To-Go, Cheezies, popcorn twists, hot dogs, and corn. I'm sure I'm missing something too. He dislikes other kids the same size as him, though he does okay in nursery.

We sure do love our little Jack Cameron Peterson and all his personalities and attitudes. Happy birthday, dude!

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