March 3, 2014

{11 months}

my small baby is neither small nor a baby.

[jack posing with the 200+ blankets we've collected for the nicu. read about it here!]
jack is now 11 months actual age, 8.5 months adjusted age.

he weighs 19 lb 3 oz and is ~29" tall.

he is a fast crawler, cruises the furniture, and is almost ready to start standing, but gets scared and sits down quickly lol.

he's a curious little boy, always after something. especially his parents. there is no peace or quiet.

he just got his 5th tooth.

he says dada, but we're not saying it counts as a word because he doesn't look at carter and say it. and i swear i've heard him say mama, but same thing.

he eats everything we do. we've cut back formula from 30 oz a day to 16 oz a day. he gets a bottle at breakfast, afternoon, and bedtime. for breakfast he usually eats a muffin and fruit or a whole package of quaker oatmeal. lunch is a sandwich of some sort (grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly, tuna) and a veggie (carrots with hummus are a fave), although today we had taquitos and he loved them. dinner is whatever we're eating - his faves are mashed potatoes, spaghetti, and rice.

[first time on the swings! he loved it!]
we've been cloth diapering for a month, and we're finally good at it! we do it full time now! :) the only time he'll wear disposables are probably in the car when we're traveling because that's just easier.

he loves the wiggles and elmo.

he can be bribed to give kisses too. and blows raspberries on us in the shower.

[kissin' his GF, lux]

speaking of, he LOVES water. baths, shower, swimming, drinking.

[carter texted me this when i was with the young women one night. so so sweet.]

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