September 24, 2012


My best friend Viktoria left on her mission last week (She reported to the MTC last Wednesday), so I'm sending her a box of sunshine!

Everything is YELLOW! I got her a yellow scarf, yellow flats, yellow deodorant, yellow dry shampoo, yellow nail polish, a yellow luggage tag, a yellow package of floss/picks, a yellow toothbrush, a yellow tube of mascara, yellow sticky notes, yellow package of skittles, yellow package of peanut M&Ms, a yellow Oh Henry, a yellow package of Maynards, a yellow package of Glosette peanuts, and yellow pack of Juicy Fruit gum.. and I think that's it!

Then I put a sticky note on each item telling her why I got it..

..Filled the box up with yellow tissue paper, wrote a quick note (in addition to the ''sunshine'' sign), and taped it all up!

I sure hope she loooooooves it. I think it's so cute. :)


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