September 29, 2012

Meghan the Mormon!

So today an exciting thing happened.

This friend got baptized!

I know, right? So cool.

BASICALLY it went a little something like this>>>

She came to our wedding (in February) at the Cardston Temple and was wondering why she couldn't come in with us. So we explained what we could, and she seemed okay with that. A couple weeks after our wedding, she hitched a ride with us back to SoAB to meet up with a friend, and during that whole 6 (+2 because we had a donut on the car) hour drive she asked us questions about the LDS faith -- what we believe, how we practice our religion, how the different auxiliaries are set up, etc. We answered them, and asked a few of our own about the Catholic religion. We didn't think much of it, but whenever we hung out with her she always seemed to have a couple more questions - and good ones! Ones that made us think about how to respond. Finally, in June (3 months after her initial questions), we offered her a Book of Mormon -- and she accepted! She started reading it, and she even came to church with us a couple of times! And enjoyed it! But she wasn't quite ready for the missionary discussions yet. At the end of July, after coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon, I passed a note to the missionaries in our ward (Elder Basinger and Elder Bowles) and asked them if they had a couple of minutes to talk to us after sacrament meeting. They eagerly agreed, and before Meghan could object we had our first discussion set up for July 31! It's pretty much history from there. She took the discussions, kept reading, coming to church, and within a couple of weeks, Carter and I knew she was ready to be baptized -- but she didn't. Eventually the missionaries had to pass her to the YSA missionaries (Elder Black and Elder Albright), but the discussions continued just as smoothly as before. Finally, she agreed to be baptized! YAY! So! Today, September 29, 2012, she was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

Meghan and Carter

Elder Albright, Meghan, and Elder Black.

Elder Basinger, Meghan, and Elder Bowles.

Meghan and Kelsey (who came to a couple discussions, and took Meghan to church with her!)

Me and MORMON Meghan! :)

Mormon Meghan and the Edmonton Temple! :)
I'm so proud of her and the choice she made to be baptized, regardless of the support (or non-support) of her family. I know that she is doing the right thing and the Lord is going to help her to fight the challenges of this life and to help her family understand her choice. Her testimony is growing every day, and I know she is going to be a wonderful Mormon! Love you, Meghan! :)

PS -- If you're looking for more information on the religion Meghan has chosen for herself, go to :)

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  1. I loved reading Meghan's story! I know Elder Albright has enjoyed teaching her the gospel.


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