April 12, 2012


If, for some reason, you didn't see my wedding pictures.... Here's your chance!!

Photobomb. What a weiner. Anyways, these are my sisters. :)

These are my brothers!

This is my Meghan.

Carter and Elizabeth. :)

Super classy shoes.

Kaiti is my favoritest cousin ever.

Handsome family I have!

He's a goof.

Everyone who came to support us at the temple!

I think this is the picture I love. Maybe not. I'll find the right one.

The Wedding Party!

They were so good; it was freezing!

Mom, daughter, grandmother. :) 

All my new familyyyy.

My GORGEOUS bridesmaids!

My two longtime friends that were able to come. The others were on missions. Whatever.

So cute!

Good thing the cake was delicious.

First dance

All the little girls at the wedding!

Carter and his Mammy!

The Petersons (minus Mason)

BCharmed bracelet!

Kids table! This was a HUGE hit! We just pulled a table and chairs out of the nursery and covered the table with paper and crayons!

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