April 29, 2012

Last of April!

The last few weeks have been great. Prepare for photo overload.

Sometimes I put lipstick on and kiss my unsuspecting husband and then he goes around all night unknowing!

We once bought a tent and set it up in our living room. Anyone wanna go real-life camping with us someday?
It snowed on Friday.. :(

We went on a bowling date!

I lost. :(

We went to the science center!!

And we went to spaaace!

I love sticking my head into proxy bodies..

And kissed in weird mirrors.
And we watched my first movie in the 360 degree theater ever!

Did I mention that it was GORGEOUS out on Saturday??


See? What did I say about the proxy bodies?!

Carter found a motorcycle he wants.

And then we went to church! Aren't we pretty?

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