April 24, 2012


I am officially done school. No, I haven't graduated yet (May 5!), but I am done classes, and now I'm doing my practicum at the University of Alberta Hospital in the Department of Anatomical Pathology. I know, I know.. 'What?!' I felt the same way. But now that I'm two days into it I've discovered a few things.

1. I really do like dong 100% transcription. I didn't think I would. I thought I would get bored of typing and typing and typing all day. But I don't! In fact, when I get home, after typing for 8 hours, I get on my computer and blog! AKA I type some more! Some of my friends are doing their practicums right now and not so much enjoying it because they're not doing 100% transcription! So now I'm even more glad I am!

2. I didn't like being a housewife... But now I miss it. I miss having dinner ready for my husband when he gets home from work and I miss being able to paint my nails whenever I want and getting caught up on my tv shows (like Teen Mom and Dance Moms!) and doing laundry and baking. Now I leave the house by 6:45 and I'm not home until 5:00 or later.. Which brings me to..

3. I have learned the LRT and ETS way better than I ever thought I would.

4. There is nothing wrong with going to bed at 9.

5. Working is way more strenuous on my brain than school was. Maybe it's because I don't have all my reference material with me so I'm not looking up stuff all the time. I just have to listen and do!

6. Loralie chooses hard dictators for school. Ones in the real word are super easy. hahah :)

All in all, I am tired. I am exhausted. But this is my liiiife!!!

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  1. This is my first time visiting your blog and I have enjoyed the visit! I leave the house at 5:30ish am for work and wholeheartedly agree that 9pm is not too early for bed! Take care!


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