July 8, 2014

Cloth Diaper Reviews! *updated December 21/14*

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.

WAHM - Basically I have no idea where or who made these diapers. They are both pockets with snaps, which basically means they're as good as whatever inserts I use. 11 pts

Bamboo Baby - This is an AIO (all-in-one) diaper, with a bamboo interior, and snaps. It is a great diaper, very absorbent for my heavy wetter. My only complaint is that the bamboo does get very rough when it line dries. 12 pts

AMP - This pocket diaper is starting to delaminate, so we've only used it once or twice. I found it fit similar to Applecheeks, but smaller. 12 pts

BumGenius - I believe these pocket diapers are Freetimes, which we're not huge fans of since Jack figured out how to undo velcro. The Canada diaper, I actually cut the pocket out and sewed the patch on to make it a festive diaper for July 1 (since I'm still waiting for my EBB CMG [definition below]). Again, how much I like BumGenius depends on the insert used. 7 pts

Imagine - These diapers are called fitteds. They are super absorbent, almost made out of a terry cloth material, but HAVE to be used with a cover or they leak like mad. They work awesome for naps! 13 pts

Imagine AIO - This diaper was provided to me by Snappy Nappies. It's similar to the Imagine fitteds, but has a "built-in" over, which gets an A+ for me!! 15 pts

Kawaii - "Meh" is my best term for these. I find they fit fairly loose, and they're super wide and bulky. 11 pts

Snappy Nappies - These are great cheap pocket diapers. I love that I can buy them locally. The 3 beside the Kawaiis are charcoal bamboo diapers with a double gusset, and when I use the charcoal insert with Snappy Nappies' "heavy wetter" insert (which is bamboo and Zorb) he can have a huge long nap! I ordered bamboo booster inserts from Alva as well, and they are AWESOME. I use them in all of our diapers for extra absorbency. 14 pts

Max and Meena (Mighty Nites) - Another Canadian WAHM, This is our newest diaper, and probably my favourite for night times. It's really trim, especially for how bulky it feels. This is a fitted hybrid, which is basically made for heavy wetters at night. Plus, this diaper fits really large around the waist, so it'll fit him forever! He wore it for 14 hours with no leaking at all. 13 pts

Kabumkiss - These are our other fitted hybrids that we use for night. They do absorb a ton, which (downfall) causes a really strong ammonia smell. These ones do have some leaking issues if he wears pants or if his shirt touches the inside of the diaper, so we just try hard to make sure that doesn't happen! 11 pts

Lil Bit Everything - This is a WAHM based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her diapers have great fit, Zorb inserts, and - best of all - totally custom! All 3 of these diapers, I emailed her the picture of what I wanted (or, in the case of the birth announcement diaper, what I wanted it to say and a sample of one that I liked), requested the colors of fabric, thread, and snaps, and received them less than a week later! She has great customer service. In fact, I have one more coming from her shortly! 14 pts

Maplebeans - This is a gorgeous Canadian WAHM fitted diaper that I refuse to put a cover on, obviously ;) The fit is awesome! 14 pts.

Ella Bella Bum - These are my all time favourite. They are SO trim, they fit under any pants. Plus, she's also Canadian! And you can order custom diapers (although they do run a lot pricier than I really like), which are called Custom Mini Groups. I have 3 coming soon! 13 pts

Poppyfields - Another Canadian fitted diaper that is so freaking cute!! Again, super absorbent. 13 pts

Applecheeks - Right up there with EBBs, I love the elastic fronts and backs, and the bamboo inserts are great. It's also a trim diaper. I need more ACs!! 13 pts

Best Bottoms - Snappy Nappies provided me with a Best Bottoms overnight system. It's a cover with microfiber inserts (which usually don't work for Jack at all), so I was pretty hesitant. But to my pleasant surprise, the MF inserts are great for playing around! And I used the overnight system (an extra overnight insert with the regular) for a nap and some play time after, and it worked for about 5 hours! Not quite a night time diaper for my little fire hoser, but great for a nap! 14 pts Update: I used the overnight system last night, and it worked! It's a Christmas miracle! Woo hoo! 

Inserts - For the most part, I use 2+2 inserts with a bamboo booster by Alva, or prefolds with a bamboo booster. Basically we've use every insert suggested, and only ever hated microfibers. Jack pees too fast, and microfiber didn't have time to absorb so he would leak.

CD-Safe Bum Cream - Snappy Nappies gave me a sample of Yum Bum Butter by Delish Naturals and we love it! It smells so good, and is good for more than just bum rash! Jack got a heat rash on his belly, so I put some Yum Bum Butter on and it cleared right up! It's all natural and doesn't cause build up on the diapers. Yay!

Criteria for "point" system is located here!


  1. Hi there! I love maplebeans but still don't have one :( would you be willing to part with yours?????? :)

  2. I actually just sold it!! The velour was too warm for my boy.

  3. Bummer!!! Thanks anyways! :)


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