June 15, 2014

Due Date-iversary.

Sweet, sweet toddling boy. You have come so far from where you were a year ago. 

Jack is now 14.5 months. 

He is starting to walk, which is both terrifying and exciting. 

He wears size 24 month/2T shirts and onesies, and size 18 month pants. Shorty.

We attempted to weigh and measure him at home, and got that he's about 22 lb, 29.5". 

He still sleeps 12+ hours a night, from about 7:30-7:30. He usually has two naps a day, from 9:30-12, and 3-5, but if we're out doing something he's okay with one nap.

He hasn't had formula in over a month. He loves water (which is what he gets for bed), and juice. He gets milk once a day as well. 

We're sticking strong with cloth diapers! 

He LOVES The Wiggles, living with Grandma Martin (and Uncle Max), and puppies.


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  1. Ah! He's so blonde and big now! What a cutie lil bug :)


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