August 5, 2013


What a cray cray weekend!
None other than BIG VALLEY JAMBOREE!!! Which is my favorite weekend of the whole year. Ever. And that includes July 1 weekend. 
This year we got weekend passes, but decided to drive back and forth between Camrose and Edmonton, a good choice considering how much I love my bed. 
We totes got to see Travis Tritt, Aaron Lines, Gord Bamford, Rosanne Cash, Small Town Pistols (also known as The Wilkinsons, my favorite childhood country band), Terri Clark, Big & Rich, Rodney Atkins, ALAN JACKSON (who is kind of old and boringish, while still being fun to watch), LUKE BRYAN (who is a stinking incredible performer. And hot. Super hot.), and TIM MCGRAW (who is my all time favorite country singer ever of all time and I love him.
Things we learned this year that we will follow through with next year:

  • Taking your own food is always a good idea. We spent <$40 (minus my t-shirt cause those suckers are not cheap!) the whole weekend! Sandwiches, water, fruit, licorice, crackers, popcorn, etc. 
  • Hats for everyone. Sunnies too.
  • Umbrellas are not allowed. Take ponchos. Or steal them from CISN Country. In addition, waterproof stroller covers work fairly well in lieu of an umbrella. 
  • Get lawn chairs with foot rests! ugh.
  • Charger. Your. Camera.
  • Make a portable cell phone charger There is nothing worse than finding out your phone is dead when Tim McGraw is on stage :( 
  • The end.
Ready for some photographs? Ok go. 
Carter loved this little "family vehicle"
Country up!
Enjoying the sunshine.
Happy little country loving family!
So there's that.
The smallest cowboy hat we could find. Next year, Jackie boy. Next year.
Happy mornings!
Morning after. Hey there.
Getting all pumped up!
Family photo op!

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