June 4, 2013

{Week 10: Home!}

70 days.
6 lb 4 oz.
5 respiratory options.
4 ultrasounds.
3 ambulance rides.
2 hospitals.
1 Jack. 1 Home. 1 Family.

Yesterday, on June 3, 2013, after 70 days in the NICU, we brought our precious Jack home!

There was so much happiness in our little house. Carter and I were absolutely giddy all morning. He called the NICU at 5am and found out that Jack had passed his car seat test, and we were awake from then (actually, I woke up at 4am because I was so anxious to find out if he had passed). We spent the morning at the hospital waiting for discharge papers, and then we had them! And we had him! (If you're curious, I only cried one tear. Of pure joy. When one of the nurses we didn't like came and said goodbye to him. Yes, goodbye to YOU!)

He is on oxygen still, so we have an oxygen concentrator set up in our living room, along with 6 portable tanks, and 25 feet of tubing. But home oxygen is a small price to pay (literally, thanks to the Government of Alberta) for having him home. It is worth all the stress and scariness of the last 70 days.

In his bed from Jen
Our first night at home was pretty good! I was absolutely drained from being awake all day, so I fed him and went to bed around 10pm, and Carter got him all settled around 1130pm. He was up at 315 to eat, back to sleep at 4.. Up again at 630, back to bed (with me) at 730 until 10! That is the latest I've slept in since he was born, and it was with him at home! Haha. So we survived (thanks to the caffeinated goodness of Diet Coke). 

 We even went for a walk today! It's absolutely glorious to have nothing to do and no where to go (until his appointments start on Thursday).

 Again, I'd like to thank every single person who prayed for our family, and for Jack's success in the car seat test. The Lord is so good. Jack is an amazingly calm little guy, he loves his bed, he loves cuddling, he loves eating, he loves sleeping. I think The Lord gave us an "easy" baby to make up for his difficult start! ;) Thanks to everyone who came and sat with me in the hospital to keep me company, for those of you who have sent gifts and kind words. I can't even express how grateful I am. And how elated I am!

Happy summer indeed!

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  1. I can't even tell you how happy this post makes me! Welcome home Jack!


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