June 16, 2013

Dad Day

Today's the day we celebrate these guys.

Dads and grandpas. 

This year, another guy got added into the mix.

It's Carter's first father's day!

I'm so grateful to all these incredible men. 

I especially want to send a shout out to my dad for having the wisdom to give Carter and I blessings before Jack was born. I 100% attribute our calmness during the air ambulance transfer and prepping me for the OR to that blessing. 

Another shout out to Carter for giving Jack a blessing as soon as he was able to. I never had a doubt in my mind that Jack was going to survive, and that is because of the calming effect the Spirit gave me because of the priesthood.

So, to Carter and Dale and Cameron and Max and LaDell and Wayne and Gordon: Happy Father's/Grandfather's/Great-grandfather's Day! 

My baby is the luckiest to have such amazing male role models to look up to.
This sums up mine and Dad's relationship.

I'mma daddy's girl.

Happy high school grad!

Me 'n Grandpa A

University Grad w/ the rentals. 
This is the only picture I could find with Grampa M. in it! And Grandpa A. happens to be in it too haha

Holding Jack for the first time

It's also our dad's first father's day as grandfathers!

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