May 19, 2013

{Weeks 6-8}

Oops. I got busy with my baby. :) He's nearly 8 weeks old now! Ugh .I can't even believe it. I have spent every day for the last 8 weeks in the hospital! How miserable?! But it's a lot easier when I get to look at this face all day.

I don't even really know where to start. I'll just go with what has changed since week 5.

He weighs a pound more than he did 3 weeks ago! He's now 5 lb 6 oz! He officially fits Newborn-sized clothes!

He's not on any pressurized oxygen. He gets <25 mL of oxygen/hour. They're going to try him on room air soon!

He is being given oral feeds all the time! No more feeding tube! Breastfeeding during the day, bottles at night. But once he gets closer to coming home (if we can get any closer..) I'll be staying overnight to BF 24/7.

Which bring us to the next exciting thing! We were transferred from the RAH NICU to the GN NICU. That was traumatizing for both of us. Watching your tiny baby get strapped into a isolette on a stretched and wheeled into an ambulance is terrible.

We're literally in the home stretch. Finally. All we're waiting is for him to get off the oxygen. SOOOOOOOOOOON!

Also, I just love this picture. The left side is my mom in the hospital when I was born. The right side is me with Jack at nearly 2 months old. About the same size. And the babies look alike! Obviously my son. ;)

Oh, and here's this picture too.

Like woah, right?

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