May 26, 2013

{Week 9.}

All of the days are blending into one! I can't tell what's going on haha.

Jack has had a slow growing week, with a couple nights gaining 2 g, or 4 g, or 14 g.. Then he gained 54 g!.. And lost 14 g. So hopefully this next week is better because he might be coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're pretty excited.

He had immunizations this week. :(

This basically sums that up. For both of us.
He also had some visitors!

Uncle Mason and his girlfriend Elizabeth came up to visit.

So all in all it was a good week. Jack weighs about 5 lb 11 oz, but like I said before, it's been up and down. We're really excited about the possibility of coming home in the next week or 2!

All of the prayers and good thoughts are so appreciated, we feel every one of them. Thank you!

Mama and Jack at 1 week (28 weeks gestation)
Mama and Jack at 9 weeks (37 weeks gestation)

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