March 8, 2013

For Pregnant Ladies:

A friend of mine is 8 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy, and today we discussed the possibility of writing a book for pregnant women everywhere. If you've been pregnant, or are pregnant, please feel free to leave your input. If you're not pregnant, you may not understand it. But one day you will. Unless you're a guy. Then just forego this post.
Also, let it be known that this is not for shaving your legs. Shaving your legs is easy in comparison.



Chapter 1.0
How to master shaving blind.

Chapter 2.0
How to deal when you miserably fail at shaving blindly.

Chapter 3.0
Trust your instincts.

Chapter 3.1
Step away from the mirror.

Chapter 4.0
Don't try doing it while sitting in the bathtub; stand.

Chapter 4.1
While standing, carefully life one leg and with your free hand hold on for dear life. 
It should also be mentioned that once you reach 'hippo' size, this is the same stance you should take during intercourse. See figure 4.2 [Just kidding, there's no figure 4.2].

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