January 12, 2013

Saturday is a Special Day!

I should be cleaning up my house. We've been home for a week and the house has gone to crap. I have laundry to do, bottles to be picked up and recycled, boxes to be packed (since we're moving in 2 weeks -- who wants to help?!), and floors to be vacuumed. Not to mention I'm past due for a shower. I also have a couple of YW secretarial duties to take care of. But guess what I'm going to do today?


Carter went off gun shopping with one of his buddies this morning, so I got out of bed and ate Toaster Strudels and a pear and drank some orange juice, and I have been stationary on my couch every since. Pinteresting, Facebooking, catching up on blogs, and watching TLC. I talked to my mom on the phone for a bit too.

Now it's time for me to sit my butt down in my office chair, print off some pictures we took over Christmas, and catch up on my scrapbooking and TV dramas! Or Country Strong. I haven't decided. I shall see what Netflix has for me.

As the song goes, "Saturday is a special day; it's the day we get ready for Sunday!"

Saturday is the day Nicole stays in her PJs all day and scrapbooks. Until Carter gets home and gets my butt in gear.

Good luck, husband.

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