January 27, 2013

Gender Predictors!

Carrying high or low?
I've been told that I'm carrying high - and I think I am! I would still be wearing my Silver jeans if not for my hips exploding in size.

Skin blemishes or clear skin?
I definitely have been breaking out like crazy.

Dry skin or soft as a baby's bottom?
I've always had really soft skin - no change there!

Wedding ring on a string - circle or back and forth?
Carter did this for me, and it definitely went back and forth! He was trippin'.

Baby's heart rate under 140 or above?
At my doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago the heart rate was 144, so just barely above!

Craving sweets or salty?
Sweets! Hand over the chocolate!

Mayan myths - Age conceived + year conceived - Both # odd or even or one odd and one even?
20 + 2012 = both even!

Morning sickness or feeling good?
I didn't have any morning sickness whatsoever! I just had the one bout of yucky flu.

Happy or moody?
For the most part I'm pretty nice, but my mood swings.. Well, they're nasty. I'll admit.

Do you eat the ends of the bread or just the middle slices?
Just the middle slices for me, thanks! Carter can eat the butts!

Weight gain just in front or all around?
All around - I have a butt and hips now!

Colder feet than normal or same as before?
My feet are always cold.. Pregnancy hasn't changed that at all. Same as before.

Welp. That's a whole lotta pink. Looks like the 'old wives' think it's a girl!

What do you think we're having?!

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