December 6, 2012


so a lot of people (*cough*michelle*cough*) have been asking a lot of questions regarding hubby and his being off of work. so here's the story!

on the 23rd, he got up and went to work like any other day. i hadn't slept well, so when he got up i put my phone on the floor so i wouldn't hear it if it went off. i woke up at 10 to a couple of missed calls from him and a voicemail from a couple hours earlier. luckily, the voicemail was very, very calm, or i would have been in a complete panic.

"hey nicole. i'm on my way to the hospital right now. nothing major happened, but i'm going to the grey nuns hospital. when you wake up, if you want to meet me there you can, but i don't - i'm not dying so.... um. yeah. don't freak out please, but i love you. alright, bye."
(just used my mad transcription skills to type that out)

obviously the first thing i did was fly out of bed and rushed to get dressed while calling him to see if he needed anything and ask what was going on and my mom so she could help keep me calm. when i arrived at the hospital he was on his way out of emergency in a wheelchair, and his right leg was in a zimmer brace.

on the way home he gave me the 4-1-1. he works for a piling company, which basically means they drill giant holes in the ground (like 48" in diameter) and fill them with concrete, and these concrete holes act as foundations for big buildings and such. he was directing the rig into the site to dig another hole, and he was doing that by walking backward. he picked up a barricade and was still walking backward. usually, these holes have covers over them, but this particular hole's cover had slipped off a bit. and this hole had a 1.5 meter drop off from the ground to where the concrete had been poured. so while walking backward, his left foot slipped into this hole and his right leg stayed at ground level. his right knee twisted and popped outward. kazaam -- torn mcl. of course we didn't know that right away. we had to wait friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. tuesday we went to his first physio therapy and that's when we found out what it was.

so he's off work for the next couple of weeks, getting paid from WCB. luckily, we got a great case worker. he's super easy to get a hold of and we've even already got a check! that's unheard of, apparently. 
so we had nothing to do after finding out what was wrong, so we decided to go to southern alberta just to get out. about 40 minutes outside of edmonton, our charger broke down. so that sucked. luckily we have a great family and a couple of cousins that came and picked us up and that same cousin is a mechanic, so he's fixing it for us! which is good, because yesterday our other car broke down as well, but we had it fixed within a couple of hours. thank goodness. i guess i should note that carter's leg is doing well, and he's in a hinged knee brace now, so he can move it.
anyways, that's the story of carter's mcl.

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