December 30, 2012

A Year In Review -- 2012

One of the blogs I've read for ages has done a year in review every year, and I finally decided it was a genius idea! Sooooo.. Here's 2012!

According to Facebook, nothing exciting happened. We came back to school, and as far as I remember they went pretty easy on us until the end of January. I didn't even post any pictures.

We got married!! We went through the temple too, obviously. Which was a big deal.

I spent a night in the hospital and finally started taking care of myself. And my ol' friend David came home from his mission!

I did my practicum for school at the U of A, finished classes, and finally got got wedding pictures!

Graduation!! And I did it with honors! And we moved. Which sucked. 

I got a job, started being best friends with Meghan, we celebrated Carter's birthday, and... yup. 

It was July 1! This involved Waterton, parades, fireworks, and sunburns! Then Carter had to go work in Anzac :( I went to Fort Edmonton with Shawna and my sister-in-laws, the same day that Carter nearly broke his hand in Anzac. We also went to Capital Ex too! And I got extensions! And we went to the Calgary zoo!

Our August long weekend was awesome! We went to the Edmonton Heritage festival and Big Valley Jamboree! It was fan-freaking-tastic. Then it was my birthday! And I got a piano! And I LOVE it.

My best friend left on her mission to Korea. And remember that friend Meghan? She got baptized! So much coolness. We bought a Dodge Charger. 

We spent Thanksgiving in Raymond and got family pictures done! And it was Meghan's birthday

We announced our pregnancy!! And Carter tore his MCL at work. :( AND our Charger broke down. 

Christmas! Obviously.. And we're in Raymond for it. We did have an incident with our other car breaking down too, but we had a great friend available to help us fix it! I'll be blogging about Christmas shortly (hopefully). 

So there's 2012 in a nutshell. Literally. Cause I did a terrible job of documenting it. Hopefully next year I'll do a better job of blogging regularly!

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