November 6, 2012

some moooooore

more crafty things by yours truly!

this one was so easy it's almost painful. i literally printed out the pictures on white printer paper and put them in the frame. then i hot glued the ribbon to the back of all 3 frames and hung the top one. ta-da! so cute and classy. 

this one was really easy too, but more tedious. i've had this buddah canvas since thanksgiving, and i've been meaning to get around to crafting with it.. but last night i finally did it! the stickers are vinyl - super easy to peel off the painted canvas. i finally chose a quote - yoda! - and then it was a breeze.

here's the final product! i like that you can still see the buddah shadow behind the white paint. i feel like it helps it make sense. go yoda!

#relevant hahaha

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