November 17, 2012


I AM SO EMOTIONAL. I just watched the finale of America's Next Top Model (yay, Laura!!) and I cried. The whole 42 minutes. Their mamas showed up, and that was when I cracked. Then when Leila fell down the stairs of the catwalk (someone always does, I'm glad it was Leila) I cried again. And then when Laura won (sorry, spoilers!) I cried again!

I'm going to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 (by myself) and I have a feeling I should take some tissues. Call me crazy, but I am a true Twihard (although I do also love Harry Potter, so don't get me wrong!). Speaking of Harry Potter.. You gotta read this. I wanna name my kitty the same thing.

And my house is freezing. And I'm fat - the zipper in my favorite Silver jeans is starting to tear. :( Time for some mat jeans, I guess. Goodbye, pretty jeans; Hello, yoga pants.

So yep.

Happy Saturday.

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