July 25, 2013

Why I stopped breastfeeding.

Don't get me wrong. I loved the bond I formed with Jack through the most primal motherly duty. I loved hearing his little whimper and knowing that only I could fix his world. I love knowing that in his earliest stages of life, when he was floating between the other side and this side, that my breast milk was his nectar of everything good. I love that I was able to provide him with that one basic necessity. I'm incredibly proud of myself for maintaining the ability to breastfeed in those first difficult months. I'm proud of him for learning so early. 

When that nurse informed me that Jack wasn't growing and would need to be hospitalized, my heart broke. I begged her to let us try something new and she agreed. 

Formula. I've never been pro-formula. I never thought I would need to be. But watching my baby become more alert while staying the same size as a newborn was harder than giving up the one thing I should be able to do for him. 

On Friday, July 19,Jack weighed 6 lb 13 oz. On Wednesday, July 24, 5 days after starting formula and 3 days after giving up breastfeeding, Jack weighed 7 lb 15 oz

There was no contest. Jack is a formula baby.

It was hard to stop nursing. But as long as Jack is happy, healthy, and growing I'm okay. 

Bonuses: I can leave Jack and not feel guilty (or engorged). I can buy a pretty non-nursing bra. I can go back on normal birth control. I can drink as much Diet Coke as my tummy can handle. I can eat spicy food. 

Best of all: my scrawny baby is developing a double chin. 

July 18, 2013

{4 months}

mister jack has come so far!

he is 16 weeks, 4 days. that puts him 5 weeks past his due date.

he still only weighs 6 lb 14 oz, so he's having a hard time gaining weight. :( hopefully the new formula they gave us will help us boost him. fingers crossed!

jack was sleeping 6-8 (sometimes 11!!) hours at night, but we've hit the 4 month sleep regression, so for the last week he's been waking up 2-3 times a night, and only taking 30-45 minute naps during the day. but he hasn't been very cranky, thank goodness.

he loves cuddling, sleeping on his tummy, showering with dad, the ceiling fans at grandma's house, being outside, being in mama's wrap, and eating.

he very strongly dislikes being naked, being cold or hot, swimming (we're working on it!), sitting in the carseat for extended periods of time, when mama goes to the bathroom, and being weighed.

the biggest change since i last posted?


just after the canada day weekend, his RT decided he could be off it during the day. the first night we put him on it.. then kind of just stopped. i gave it to him in the carseat for a couple days after that, but then we kind of just stopped that too. the last time he had oxygen was july 8. :) even on our way back from raymond i didn't give it to him. i put a snuza monitor on him and off we went!

i'm still waiting patiently for a smile, but he can almost hold his head up!

baby steps :)

July 2, 2013

July Long

This was the weekend we've been waiting for!

Friday night we drove down to Raymond, Saturday was Aunt Susie's surprise party (success!), Saturday night was our baby shower, Sunday was Jack's baby blessing, and Monday was Canada Day!

I don't really have much to write about any of the above, just a butt ton of pictures.

[PS - Thanks a BILLION to everyone who brought us gifts over the weekend. I'm so excited to get him into all the clothes and use all the toys, etc. And to everyone who came to the blessing/BBQ. It was so good to introduce Jack to everyone.]