December 26, 2013

{9 months}

On December 12, Jack weighed 16 lb 14 oz. We'll get another weight on January 2 when we go to get his second Syngais injection.

His first tooth cut through on December 6-ish. An eye tooth and the other bottom tooth followed around December 21. His other eye tooth is almost ready to come through too. Poor boy.

He is still eating 4-5 6 oz bottles a day, but he's also eating 2 meals of solids a day. Toast and yogurt, pureed fruits and veggies, bananas, bites of this or that. There's really nothing he won't eat. Except corn. He spits it out every single time. Turd.

We're at Grandma's, and she borrowed a Jolly Jumper for us - he loves it. LOVES it. He also loves "reading" his Peek-a-Boo Elmo book, and watching Thomas the Train on tv.

He still sleeps like a champ - usually 8-10  hours a night, and 2 naps during the day. We've put a crib projector in his room., and he's asleep by the time the music stops. Every time. 

We celebrated his first Christmas yesterday! He got so spoiled with a ton of clothes, books, and toys. And LOTS of cuddles. Unfortunately, somewhere along the cuddle line, this little man ended up with a nasty runny nose and a Croup-y cough. :(

Here's a bunch of pictures from that fabulous day!

The cutest little Santa EVER.

Mama's new hair! :)

X-mas PJs!

Some of his loot from Grandma M.

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