October 25, 2013

{7 months}

*Photo overload. You have been warned.
Mister Jack-a-mole is 7 months old!!

He weighs 15 lb 5 oz.

He is 25" long.

He is wearing size 3-6 months clothes.

He is wearing size 3 diapers.

He sleeps from 8 or 8:30 until 8.

He started sleeping in his crib this week, and is doing great!

He can roll - when he wants to.

He loves his Sofie the Giraffe, duck rattle, and O-Ball.

He eats 36 oz/day of formula.

Occasionally he has pureed carrots, bananas, or apples. He's also tried sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, chunks of banana, mango, apple, and strawberry. He isn't a fan - at all - of baby cereal.

He always wakes up with a smile, and even when he's sitting with dad after work he follows me around with his eyes.

He LOVES bath time.

And boy, do we love this kid.

*Photo credit to Laura Sylvestre.

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