June 7, 2012

hum de humm..

This week has been pretty..... good. lame. exciting. I dunno. I haven't done anything. Not a single thing. We moved in on Friday - almost a week ago! - and got everything unpacked and ready to go. Saturday we drove to Slave Lake to take the truck and trailer back, and the Sunday was my fabulous momma's 47 29th birthday so we - the family - went to Fort Edmonton Park. And it was so fun! [Carter took pictures on his phone so when he gets home from work I'll put them on!] I would definitely go again! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Carter worked.. And I sat home. And sometimes cooked supper. But mostly watched TV - Storage Wars, What Not To Wear, Ellen... You name it, I probably watched it. And I have no plans to do otherwise today.


I got a job. Finally. It's only a casual position, but there is room for growth! Wahooooo!!

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