May 13, 2012

Mom's Day. :)

Today is a day that so many people talk about and love to talk about. And this year, we have a lot to talk about. Really.

- My mom, Lynette. She birthed me, raised me, spoileds me (we went for pedicures and shopping last weekend!), and supports me in every single thing I do. She is brave, beautiful, and strong. It's taken me way too long to realize this, but she is probably one of my very best friends.

- Carter's mom, Elizabeth. She birthed and raised Carter, sometimes in unideal circumstances, but I think he turned out amazing. She is also very supportive and Carter is very protective of her. She's welcomed me into their little family without hesitation.

- Carter's stepmom, Shawna. She helped Elizabeth and Carter's dad, Cameron, raise him and his brother while also raising their two sisters. She also welcomed me into the family without hesitation. I love both of these women.

- My mom's mom, Grandma Atwood. She is so easy to talk to (some grandmas aren't!) and she loves all of her grandkids - including Carter! - and talks about them all the time. She even has sweaters with our names stitched into them! Such a cute lady. Ahhh I want to name one of my daugher's Penny in her honor. :)

- My dad's dad, Gramma Martin. Gramma has had some health problems, but she still makes time for all of her 40 grandkids (including spouses) and 34 great-grandkids! She's amazing. :)

- Carter's mom's mom, Grandma Bourne. She is an angel. She's so sweet and caring. Her accent is so cute too!

- Carter's stepmom's mom, Grandma Kergan. I've known Mary Kergan since I was little and now she's another one of my grandmothers! Funny how life works. :)

- Carter's dad's mom, Mammy Peterson! She took me in as one of her grandkids before we were even engaged! She is honestly the cutest, strongest 80-year-old lady I've ever known. 

Look at all these women we have to be grateful for! And we are SO grateful. I can't wait until I myself become a mother so my children can know all of these women! So many grandmas and great-grandmas! :) 

Happy mother's day to Mom, Shawna, Elizabeth, Grandma A, Grandma B, Grandma K, Mammy P, and Gramma M!

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