March 26, 2012

one month!

I can't believe we've already been married for more than a month!!!
We're still as happy and in love as we've ever been - even though Carter still tracks in mud and has absolutely destroyed what was my car. It's so dirty and smelly. :(
He still loves his job. And I still love that school is over in 22.5 days. But who's counting.
Here's some updates:
We want a dog. Or a kitten.
We have to find somewhere new to live (BIGGER!) in 2 months. Yay, but not.
Carter will be working out of town for part of april.
I got my blood sugars under control - huge relief.
We have a budget!
I apparently have insomnia. And he apparently snores.
We love Costco and going to the gym.
We eat a lot of chicken. But we hardly ever buy meals! Bag lunches for us!
Most of our evenings are spent eating and treating and watching Netflix. We love us some classic movies.
Being married is the greatest thing I've ever done. Obviously. :)


  1. We've been married almost 4 years and our nights are spent pretty much the same way. We love netflix!

  2. haha thats awesom Nooch :) !! im so very glad you guys are still so happy in love! :) wish you all the best still, of course ;) text me! xox
    love ya


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